Why hire us

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John and Peter believe that their job is to represent and advise people, not to just “handle cases.” They recognize that each of their clients is an individual, with his or her own particular problems and concerns. They appreciate the importance of understanding each client’s particular situation and how that individual has been affected by his or her injury. They believe that it is just as important for them to listen to their clients as it is for them to provide their clients with information and advice about their cases.

Each client of the firm is represented by John or Peter, who personally do all of the legal work necessary to bring the client’s claim to a successful conclusion. They are assisted by an excellent support staff with many years of experience in personal injury litigation. John and Peter value communication very highly, and strive to keep their clients informed on a regular basis about the status of their case and all significant developments as they occur.

We also place a great deal of emphasis on staying on the cutting edge of developments in the law and practice related to personal injury litigation. For example, we have tried a number of cases using state-of-the-art computer-based courtroom presentation technology, and closely monitor recent developments on the complex and important subject of resolving Medicare, Medicaid, and other health insurance claims for reimbursement out of settlement proceeds. Our clients can feel confident that we will be up to date on all of the legal issues pertaining to their cases and will be able to present their cases at mediation, arbitration, or trial with the aid of the most advanced technological tools available.